Marsha’s life is not what you could call ideal. Her hearts been crushed, broken, beaten, insulted and stomped on more times then she can count.

By chance Marsha stumbles across two spitfire girls; one a hopeless romantic Goth, the other an upstart street kid with a bold personality as they set Marsha up on many trumped up adventures.

Something unfamiliar is creeping back into Marsha’s heart a feeling that she thought she had lost long ago. Will these two girls and a few other unruly characters be the ones to mend her heart or destroy it further?

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Felicity O’Connor is not your typical seventeen year old teenager in the small city of Lakewood she’s half mermaid, but doesn’t know it yet. A secret her father has kept hidden from her since she was born.

One day Felicity stumbles upon a magical puddle and takes the plunge. Discovering Atlantis, having a tail instead of legs and realizing that merpeople are not the myths she thought they were are the least of her troubles. Merpeople both fear and hate humans and if Felicity’s human identity is found out she is to be executed.

So having a crush on the king’s right hand man, Jeremy Sea and being friends with the prince of Atlantis is probably not the best way to go about being unnoticed.

So why can’t Felicity grasp the enormity of her situation.

Maybe meeting the prince, going on a dragon ride, becoming a dolphin rider, fighting sharks and swordfish, killing the Kraken and owning the most powerful sword in the sea has her a little distracted.

Trying to live two separate lives is no easy feat while going back from Lakewood to Atlantis her web of lies is growing and it will only be a matter of time before she gets caught as she struggles to decide what life she wants to live. Risk losing the only family she’s ever known on land for a life of adventure and magic in the sea is something no seventeen year old should have to decide.

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Amazon warriors and half goddesses Nyx and Dezba have death in their hearts, fire in their eyes and blood on their minds.

Their tribe murdered before their very eyes; Sethos, the man who could have put a stop to it and Ishtar (their mother and creator) who set everything in motion is a memory that will haunt them forever. Once a strong tribe of 20 warriors only four remain.

Ishtar, is the Goddess of war, love, sex and fertility so it is no surprise she has instilled such qualities in her daughters, powers that they cannot control or ignore.

Nyx is bent on revenge, Dezba seeks answers, Pallas is naive and Wanneta is more and more like Ishtar then any of them could have ever predicted.

Dezba has uncovered a secret even Ishtar cannot prepare herself for. Dezba tried to kill her once and failed as she tries once again to fool her mother.

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Do you ever doubt yourself? Ever get the feeling you’re never good enough? For me, that’s my life. That’s how I feel. Every. Single. Day.

So let’s complicate it a little more shall we? Let’s toss in a kidnapping, stir in being stranded on an island with a bunch of magical creatures, and season it with an amulet that gives you a second life.

A war is coming, one that has been brewing for centuries and guess who they think the main ingredient to put an end to all of it is: me, Piper Hayes.

Are they out of their minds?! I guess there’s only one way to find out!

Take a sneak peek of the first two chapters of Shimmer Island

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